Roll Forming Production Line

Layout of Roll Forming Plant

NO. Device name NO. Device name NO. Device name
1 Uncoiler 2 Straightening 3 Profile Forming Device
4 Hydraulic Punching & Cutting Device 5 Product Transmission 6 Auto Control System
7 Hydraulic System 8 Glazed Steel Stair Profile Forming Device    


ZJM designs, builds and manufactures Roll forming lines. ZJM also updates machines already in operation to align them to the EC regulations and manufactures mechanical parts such as rollers, heads and dies on obsolete profiling plants. In addition to profiling plants, we can provide the production of profiles in compliance with customer's design. This experience, besides providing a useful service for the customer, has proved important to understand and solve processing problems that can occur in production and consequently to improve the manufacturing technology of our profiling plants.

Through the network of contacts within the sheet metal processing, production of aluminium profiles and metal shelving, stainless steel, copper etc ... we can search for you specific machines or production lines at our customers.

Our clients work on different sectors:

metal shelving,metal furniture,cabinets,partitionsreinforced doors,fire stop doors,counter pocket door,false ceiling,plasterboard's profiles,ceiling lamps,lighting optics,shutters,guardrails,scaffolding tables,plumber's profiles,corrugated sheets,sandwich panels,profiles for ventilated facades,profiles for photovoltaic,Profiles for fences,profiles used on wine and agriculture industry,C-U-Z C U Z profiles.